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Variety in your workout regimen & why you should have it

Variety in your workout regimen & why you should have it

Jan 24, 2020

When we find a gym, studio or class that we enjoy, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us get comfortable and tend to stay in that comfort zone. We find an awesome instructor that consistently delivers an amazing class and we become loyal followers. That one hour of our is one we always look forward to and sets the tone for the rest of the day ahead.

It’s so great to have that go-to session or specific instructor to help drive your motivation to get up and get your workout in, especially when it can feel like it takes class after class and trial after trial to really find what you love to do. When people first start to integrate fitness into their daily routines, that’s what they’re searching for; especially considering how intimidating it can be to be a newcomer to any fitness environment whether that be a gym or a group fitness class.

I think one explanation as to why a lot of us tend to stick to one class or one type of exercise for a while is to avoid that intimidation or “gymtimidation” as much as possible. It’s uncomfortable even for the most fitness-savvy people to walk into a class where they don’t know what to expect, they don’t know anyone and expectations generally are not managed. So to avoid discomfort many people prefer to stick to one class or one type of exercise because they know what’s coming their way, and that alone puts them at ease.

While it is super important to enjoy your workouts and feel comfortable in the environment where you go to exercise, it’s equally as important to challenge your body often and to try new things once in a while to switch up your routine to keep it fun and interesting. Doing the same exercise for long periods of time can lead to a plateau in progress- It may stop challenging you, leading you to feel bored and unaccomplished if you don’t break a sweat or don’t burn as many calories as you used to in class. Having been in this position myself, it’s quite annoying to get to a point where you’re sick of your routine and then you just stop it altogether, or you continue to go, but this one hour that used to be your escape and happy place is now a burden that you don’t fully enjoy.

My best advice to avoid that dead-end is the following:

1. Take a variety of classes and choose two or three to integrate regularly into your routine. For example if you’re a Reform regular, try TRX or Kettle Form and alternate between different classes on different days. Your physical fitness will be challenged, you’ll wake up a few muscle groups and you’ll get a change of scenery.

2. Bring a friend! Going to a new studio or taking a new class is so much more comfortable, not to mention more fun when you’re with someone you know and you can share that experience with them. You’re more likely to enjoy it instead of look at it as a confusing or scary experience. Make a day of it!

3. Be confident and remember that everyone starts somewhere. Everyone took their first class at some point and worked their way up to becoming a more advanced client in that class. Remember that at the end of the day everyone is focused on themselves and the purpose of you going to a class should be for YOU and to better yourself. It also helps to have awesome instructors like our team at Reform to help you through any confusion you might be experiencing :)

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