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Benefits of training on the Megaformer

Benefits of training on the Megaformer

Feb 11, 2020

What are the benefits of training on the Megaformer?

Whilst many would mistake the Reform Method for Pilates, it is actually not! The Reform Method classes are based on Sebastian Lagree’s revolutionary and patented “Lagree Method”. Lagree developed this concept of fitness when he observed, first hand, the limitations that the classic Pilates reformer presented when training his clients. As a classical pilates-trained personal trainer, he found himself having to use many other machines (in addition to the reformer) to achieve a holistic all-body workout for his clients.

This resulted in him developing the first type of Lagree-reformer, the “proformer”. His passion and dedication to fitness and his firm belief in his method led him to continue his quest and advance his first prototype to the subsequent versions including the megaformer and supra.

Pilates is a fantastic method of exercise that addresses therapeutic needs, alignment, physical therapy, and is generally a good variation to exercise intensity. However, what we offer at Reform Athletica is a low impact yet high intensity strength and conditioning workout that we perform on the latest Lagree Megaformer. It’s a full body workout effectively improving your core strength and awareness as well as improving your posture and flexibility while building lower and upper body strength.

The main differences:

The Megaformer has a much broader range of applications than the traditional pilates reformer. The Megaformer has a more developed spring system, allowing for maximum intensity for even the strongest participant. It allows for hundreds of exercise combinations, making each workout comprehensive and full-body. It also has many more options than the pilates reformer for adjusting the angle of the movement, targeting different muscle groups.

The Megaformer allows for more intensity than the pilates reformer, getting the heart rate up and stimulating more calories and fat burned.

The Megaformer offers an infinite number of exercises to accommodate many injuries.

The Megaformer offers a cardiovascular workout with a consistent increase in your heart rate throughout the entire workout. This is not the case with the pilates reformer as the transitions between each exercise are much longer with more breaks.

The Megaformer offers slow, controlled, low impact moves that decrease stress on your joints with continuous muscle stimulation with balance, flexibility, and continuous core engagement.

These are just to name a few! Whether it's your favorite way to train or you do it to complement other training disciplines, training on the Megaformer can be hugely beneficial to your workout routine.

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