Digging deeper into the Reform and TRX methods - Reform Athletica
Digging deeper into the Reform and TRX methods

Digging deeper into the Reform and TRX methods

Mar 02, 2020

1. Can you explain TRX and Reform pilates to our readers?

Yes, sure. The Reform Method is a low impact strength and conditioning workout that focuses on improving strength endurance. It is low impact by design and performed on the latest Lagree Megaformer, which is a modern version of an old school Pilates reformer that offers more options to challenge students.

The TRX Athletica programme is our functional training class that revolves around the TRX suspension trainer. It focuses more on athletic conditioning and development. The TRX, due to its nature, incorporates core control and awareness into almost every move. The class is bodyweight based and focuses on developing students’ athletic capacities. Once a base level of strength and awareness is achieved we also have the option of further challenging participants with tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells and so on.

2. Can you explain the method and the benefits of these two forms of exercise?

The Reform Method has the benefit of being able to improve students’ body awareness and strength in a safe environment. As it is low impact by design it really offers people from all walks of life the opportunity to be challenged adequately, but at the same time be able to progress according to personal ability. We modify movements in class by adding or reducing spring tension or by simply changing their position on the Megaformer. It is an awesome workout for the regular weekend warrior or newbie to exercise, but can be adapted to challenge the toughest athletes around.

The TRX programme is athletic in nature and it revolves around the TRX suspension trainer, which is probably the most versatile tool to hit the fitness market since its conception in 2005. Due to its unstable nature, the TRX challenges students’ core stability, proprioception and overall body awareness. Movements can be quickly adjusted to increase or decrease difficulty for the user, so it’s an excellent tool for group training. The workout is focused around building and improving bodyweight strength and stability. Additionally we have other tools we can implement to further challenge participants once the basics have been mastered.

3. These two forms of exercises are relatively new to Dubai. Why do you think that Dubai fitness freaks always willingly open their arms to new forms of exercises?

I think that Dubai's interest and awareness regarding different training styles is developing and growing in recent times. If you only have a limited amount of time you can dedicate to your training then your search is focused on finding the most effective and enjoyable methods around. For many years the focus has been on old school bodybuilding principles, which are effective but can neglect a person’s ability to perform simple bodyweight exercises. I think worldwide we have seen a trend in recent years through the movement culture where people are getting more interested in improving their bodyweight strength and ability in order to enhance their life away from the gym.

4. How often would you recommend to do these exercises in a week?

It all depends on your recent training background. If you are a beginner and/or haven’t exercised for a while I would recommend 2 workouts per week and focusing on building consistency in showing up to your training and allowing your body adequate rest in between workouts. Rest is just as important as your workout. For the intermediate trainee I would suggest 3 workouts per week consistently. More seasoned trainees or athletes can train 3-5 times per week combining both the Reform Method as well as the TRX Athletica programme.

5. What would you suggest as a pre and post-meal after these workouts?

For you pre-workout meal I would suggest something simple and light like a banana and a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter or oatmeal porridge with a scoop of protein powder and some blueberries depending on how much time you have. Both of these will provide an adequate amount of usable energy to fuel your workout. If you like your coffee then a good espresso shot pre-workout will do wonders to get your system firing and raise your cortisol levels, which is a good thing pre-exercise. Immediately post-workout you could have a protein shake to aid muscle recovery if you’re in a rush. But if you have time, try and focus on getting a wholesome meal of lean meats as your protein source, plenty of veg and not forgetting some carbs to replenish glycogen stores to aid your recovery.

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