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Jemie Calonge
Jemie Calonge

As a full time dancer and performer, I’ve always appreciated how fitness challenged my body differently and heightened my sense of body awareness.

I’ve always thought that my dance training was enough and anything outside of the dance studio was just a waste of time. Up until a friend invited me to a barre class and I immediately fell in love with the energy of a group fitness class! After a few months of attending a various classes, I jumped on an opportunity to become a group fitness instructor (Barre and Zumba Fitness) and have never looked back since.

Fitness definitely opened doors of opportunities for me. In 2018, I was offered to work in Riyadh for a little over a year and then mid pandemic, I was invited to work in Dubai. Carrying the same eagerness that I had since I began my fitness trainer journey, I aim to continually inspire women to honor their strength and find joy in movement!

What to expect in my class:

Sweat it out to throwback beats while mastering challenging combos in each of my classes. I'll keep you focused and continuously moving, but not to worry, I'll sprinkle in a joke or two to make you forget the burn whilst keeping the energy uplifted. Get ready for a killer workout with laughs, maybe an impromptu sing-along, and good vibes all around

Birthday: 30 April

What’s one thing about you that surprises people: I battle in freestyle dance competitions

Favorite quote: Always come from a place of truth.

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