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How the mega has helped keep me injury free

How the mega has helped keep me injury free

Mar 08, 2022

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for movement; any movement. My parents have always told me I didn't stop crying until I could walk, and I guess that has shaped my chosen career path.

Before my life in Dubai, my job was dancing on Cruise Ships, something I am unbelievable thankful for experiencing, however as I'm getting older I for sure am starting to feel the strain on my body more and more. I’ve now shifted my focus to increasing strength and improving mobility.

Once I stopped dancing, my next path led me to Dubai to pursue a career in fitness. I found a love for Pilates, especially the Reformer. I can't even explain why I fell in love with the machine, but it wasn't until I got my certification did I fully appreciate the foundation and benefit that Pilates has to offer.

Skip ahead a few months later....along came the Megaformer. What a beast!!! I will never forget my first class, or more importantly the feeling I experienced the following day for the first time. I fell more in love with this method as it was the perfect combination of the foundation I had built and the understanding I had of Pilates, but on a higher level of intensity. This is what I always seem to seek in a workout. I have been using the Megaformer as part of my strength programme for the past 5 years and I truly believe it's one of the reasons I have managed to stay as injury-free as possible.

3 years ago my running journey began. I wouldn't call myself an extremely competitive runner, but over the past year, it has become a major part of my life. I currently have two marathons under belt and I’m always in search of my next running goal, which is currently a 3rd marathon. Of course as with any sport, along came the aches and pains which can turn into major setbacks and injuries if not monitored. Constant use of the lower body required a strength training programme in order to build the strength for the constant impact. However what I believe to be underestimated are the smaller stabilising muscles we have, which tend to be neglected during strength work at the gym. This is how the Megaformer complements my running, and why I believe I have managed to avoid injuries through so much milage. The Reform Method helps you build strength and stability while also placing a massive emphasis on joint mobility such as that of the ankle or the hip; through the exercises performed on the machine that are often otherwise neglected in a hypertrophy weights session.

Whether it’s running or any other sport, cross-training is so important to maintain your strength and improve your performance, and I guarantee the Megaformer would be a wonderful complement to any strength programme!

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