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How to stay motivated after January

How to stay motivated after January

Jan 28, 2022

The new year is always a great time for reflection, manifesting and goal-setting – There’s just something about a “fresh start” that gives you a heightened sense of clarity for what you want for yourself in the coming months and how you see your vision unfold. The fun part is speaking these things into the universe or writing them down in a journal or planner. Setting those intentions and believing in yourself to follow through is a pretty good feeling and a great mindset to have when kicking off the new year. The hard part awaits on the other side of January. Whether you smashed it or struggled to stay on track, by the time February rolls around things can start to feel a little monotonous; and you may notice a dip in your motivation, adherence or both.

If you find yourself struggling next month, we’ve rounded up some of our best tips to help you get back into that positive mindset you had on January 1st and get back on track to bringing your vision and goals to life.

1. Ask yourself if you’re enjoying your fitness routine or if you’re forcing it. If you feel it’s forced or a chore, then find a new way to move. When you enjoy your workouts you’re far more likely to make them a regular part of your routine.

2. The more the merrier – Plan your workouts with a friend or group of friends to help hold each other accountable.

3. Listen to your body. If you’re fatigued and feeling as though your energy stores are depleted, take a rest day or go for a walk instead. Remember that pushing yourself too far past your threshold can be counterproductive as well.

4. Eat well to fuel your workouts. Nutritional needs vary from person to person and are very dependent on the type of lifestyle you lead, so if you feel stuck seek advice from a certified dietician to get an idea of how you should be fueling your body.

5. Sleep! This one is perhaps the most underrated and overlooked. Make sure you’re getting sufficient sleep during the night to wake up feeling more energized, rested and ready to take on the day.

6. Switch it up. If you’re getting bored, try a new class, go for a run, or venture into a new training discipline you’ve never tried before. You may awaken a new passion or skill you never knew you had which can be very exciting!

7. Find a time of day that works for you to get your workout done. If you feel weak and sluggish in the morning, don’t force a morning workout. Try an afternoon or early evening session and see how you get on. Notice how your energy levels are and when it’s optimal for you to move.

8. Book your classes in advance!

9. Whatever your goals are, take them one step at a time. Have realistic expectations for yourself and remember sustainable progress takes time, but the little bit you do each day gets you that much closer to the end goal.

10. Remember that progress is not linear – You will have days where you feel weak or low on energy, or just generally like things are not clicking. Off days are normal and bound to happen whoever you are; so acknowledge them when they arrive, do your best and don’t be hard on yourself.

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