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Megaformer & Microformer: What are the differences?

Megaformer & Microformer: What are the differences?

Sep 08, 2023

The Megaformer vs the Microformer:


Lagree Fitness has revolutionized the full body workout by creating machines that allow someone at any fitness level to experience a high intensity workout with low impact. Every machine allows a variety of hand and foot positioning, a range of weight loads, and over 100 different exercises and modifications, so you’ll never get bored!

This is true for both our M3K+ Megaformer and our Microformer. The machines look like they are younger and older siblings, both having front and back platforms as well as a moving carriage. Both of our classes will make every one of your muscle fibers twitch and you’ll leave feeling as if you can take over the world! With a high focus on core, we also target muscle endurance and strength. Each class and each machine are designed to tighten and tone your body from your shoulders down to your hamstrings.


When you look at the two machines you will definitely see the difference: size, weight, cables, number placements. The Micro is small, lightweight, and portable. The Mega wouldn’t be able to fit in your bedroom or under your bed, like the Micro. But besides the physical aspects of the machines, what are the differences you ask?

The Megaformer has every attachment you will need to have a complete full body workout; lots of options for arms, abs and legs. You will have multiple weighted spring loads to choose from and add to. You can complete moves laying down on your back, side or in an all-4s position. The Mega has long and short cables to help hit major muscle groups as well.

The Micro may be smaller, still just as mighty, but will incorporate more stability in your class. You can utilize the floor with the Micro more than with the Mega, both raising and lowering the intensity of the move you are executing. Even though there aren’t cables attached to the Micros, you will still get a strong upper body workout (see classes below).

The classes at Reform Athletica:

Every instructor at RA brings in their own style, music and focus to their class. Each format will be different depending on the machine, as you read above. But no matter whether you take a Micro or Mega, you will feel stronger and sweatier after class!

Reform Method

A full body experience on the Mega. Your abs, arms, back, shoulders, chest, glutes and hamstrings will fire up. The burn is real in this 50 minute experience. However, the class is low impact, so people just starting out, pregnant clients and people with injuries are able to train just as well as those who have been training for years!


Each instructor will have a different Micro format. Each one, using the Micro throughout the class while also incorporating different pieces of equipment. You may walk into a class including TRX straps, dumbbells, slam balls, kettlebells, booty bands, the list can go on!

We can't wait to see you on the machine soon!

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