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Cardio, RA Strength, Reform Method, Repeat

Cardio, RA Strength, Reform Method, Repeat

Dec 19, 2023

Here we are at the end of yet another year thinking about the new year and all the wonderful things we want to achieve for ourselves. In these testing times, I have found that two things have kept me sane: faith and exercise. Whilst the combination of these two things may be slightly odd, I have found that faith has kept my mental health in check and exercise kept my body in check.

So as we look ahead to 2024, I ask you to reflect on what your mind and body need to be the best version of yourself. Aim to move your body everyday. However you can. Do a class, go for a run, go for a cycle. The weather is calling for it. One of my absolute favourites these days is going for a 30 min walk early in the morning while the weather is nice. Fresh air and movement are a game changer for your mental and physical health.

Now what about your physical strength? We all know that we need to eat healthy and keep processed foods and sugars at bay but have you really thought about what is the best exercise for your health long term?

We all love the Reform Method and our clients can attest to their love for the machine and the method. But have you really considered the benefits of strength training? Building muscle might not be your aim but trust us when we say that you NEED this class in your workout routine for your own health and well-being!

One of our signature classes, RA Strength, offers you exactly what you need and here are the top 4 benefits.

  1. Your immune system is boosted by resistance training (i.e. Reform Method + RA Strength)

A study comparing persons who did no exercise with those who regularly did resistance training showed that the latter group had cells that were more active in the body fighting infection. Here is your dose of physical vitamin C!

  1. Muscle mass is a key indicator of longevity

The benefits of resistance training appear to be limitless. A decade-long study of 3600 men and women over the age of 50 found that those with more muscle mass were at a lower risk of death across all major causes. Consequently, muscle mass can be considered one of the strongest indicators of longevity, more so than weight or body mass index (BMI).

  1. Strength training (RA Strength) could reverse the ageing process

A small scientific study asked 14 older people to take part in strength training (where the aim is focused on building muscle mass over general fitness) twice a week for a six-month period. When their muscle development was compared to younger adults, it was shown that the cells that generate energy (the mitochondria) were functioning at a similar level.

  1. Training with TRX/Kettlebells/dumbbells improve your cognitive function

A study of over-65s, including both healthy participants and those with a cognitive impairment, revealed that after strength training both groups showed improvements in associative memory (e.g. matching names to faces) and in decision-making.

The pros of weight training (RA Strength using TRX, Kettlebells and dumbbells) go beyond simply toning the body and stronger muscles and bones – it helps maintain a healthy heart and immune system and can even improve brainpower and help you live longer.

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