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Tanya Malhas
Tanya Malhas
Fitness Instructor

Hi! I’m Tanya, proudly representing a rich tapestry of Greek and Palestinian roots, born in San Diego and raised in Greece.

As a proponent of health and fitness, I strongly believe in the profound connection between a sound body and a healthy mind. Workouts are beyond than just exercise; they're a sanctuary for personal growth and a means of detachment from the hustle of the world.

My mission is to share this passion, creating a safe, enjoyable space to practice and flow together. By day, you’ll catch me navigating the world of strategy consulting, but my love for fitness has me dedicating the rest of my hours to movement, which is what drove me to the rice fields of Bali to attain my 200h yoga certification. I truly find that yoga complements my corporate life, bringing balance between mental stimulation and mindfulness.

I therefore aspire to inspire fellow corporate professionals and busy individuals, that prioritizing oneself and exercise is not only possible but essential and attainable.

Now, besides my professional life and off my mat, you'll most likely find me where the sun is setting, sipping on a coconut while nibbling on olives or savoring delectable chocolates!

  • Birthday: 6 March
  • Favorite holiday destination: I LOVE travelling, so this is hard, but Italy definitely has my heart
  • Music you’ll hear in my class: A mix of Piano, Instrumental and Classical
  • Favorite treat meal: Pasta all the way
  • Netflix series I Iast binged: “Friends” any day
  • What’s one thing about you that surprises people? I have a black belt in Tang Soo Do
  • Favorite book: The 5AM Club
  • Favorite quote: The bad news is that time flies. The good news is YOU’RE the pilot! -Michael Altshuler

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