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Lucie Combes
Lucie Combes
Fitness Instructor

My name is Lucie, proud mum of two boys. Dubai has been my second home for 5 years.

My career started as an Intensive Care Units Nurse before becoming a Fitness Instructor - you will be in safe hands in my classes!

I've been passionate about sports since a very young age. I grew up in France, in a little town in Auvergne, surrounded by mountains where I spent my childhood exploring forests, cycling and skiing. This is where my deep passion for running and sports came from. I like to challenge myself during races, and my next personal goal is to participate in a triathlon.

I like to share my passion with people this is why I decided to become a Fitness Instructor by first graduating from the famous Stott Pilates Training, and now joining the amazing Reform Athletica Family.

  • Birthday: 14 February
  • Favorite holiday destination: in France, on the ocean coast in Cap Ferret, in the Alps mountains in Chamonix and in my hometown in Cantal.
  • Music you’ll hear in my class: Hip-hop, soul R&B, and French music of course
  • Favorite treat meal: Des crêpes s’il vous plait!
  • Netflix series I Iast binged: The Parisian Agency
  • What’s one thing about you that surprises people?: I participated to The Templiers, a 75k Trail Running race with a total elevation gain of 3000m.
  • Favorite book: Sky runner, Emelie Forsberg
  • Favorite quote: “Winning is not about finishing in first place. It is not about beating the others. It is about overcoming yourself. Overcoming your body, your limitations, and your fears. Winning means surpassing yourself and turning your dreams into reality”. Killian Jornet

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