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Diogo Neves

Fitness Instructor

Diogo Neves

From a young age, Diogo started realising how powerful physical training could be as a means of developing self confidence and discipline.

Born and raised in sunny Madeira Island, he learned how great it is to explore the outdoors and to exercise mind and body in connection with nature.

After his degrees in Physical Education and Sports in Portugal, the curiosity and will to see the world brought him to Abu Dhabi for a short period in 2015, when he started working with a wide range of clients of different nationalities as a Personal Trainer.

Going back to Madeira to further develop his knowledge and skills in fitness gave him the opportunity to learn the Pilates method which contributed to raise more body awareness in his PT sessions.

Perth was the next stop where he continued training clients and spreading positive vibes before an unplanned adventure as cabin crew for a year and a half.

Diogo is now back to his very first passion of training clients at Reform Athletica and eager to help you get stronger, fitter and happier.

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