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Charlotte Gafford
Charlotte Gafford

Greetings! My name is Charlotte Wayne Gafford from the Philippines. Being part of Reform Athletica is like a gift from above.

I've moved to Dubai in 2016 without any background in F&B, and my first job was as a waitress in Sharjah. From there I became more eager to learn other roles, so I gained experience as a cashier and in customer service. I later learned how to make juices and was soon promoted to Bariasta Supervisor.

For me, being a Barista and a juice maker is not only a job...It's a passion!

  • Birthday: 23 November
  • Favorite Holiday Destination: Anywhere as long as I'm with my Love ones
  • Favorite Music: OPM & Relaxing music
  • Favorite Treat Meal: Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Favorite Book: Sorry, I'm not a bookworm
  • Netflix series I last binged : The Sea Beast and Vivo
  • What's one thing about you that surprises people? : My humor side (they're dying with my jokes!)
  • Favorite Quote: "You can do something that I cannot do. I can do something that you cannot do. But as a team we can accomplish a lot of things". & the Golden Rule: Do not do unto others what you don't want others do unto you.

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