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Armie Joy Badua
Armie Joy Badua
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I always start my day by saying affirmations to myself and reminding myself to look on the positive side when things get tough because life is beautiful.

I love to meet and talk to people, the reasons why I've been in the customer service field for 8 years now (since I started working). I believe that focusing on customer needs and building relationships are most important for delivering great customer experiences. I like making people laugh with my corny jokes (I guess). I enjoy hiking, camping and looking forward to doing my exercise using the Mega/Micro former in RA studio :)I will be joining the Front of House and I am so blessed to be part of an amazing team.

  • Birthday: 26 January
  • Favorite holiday destination: Palawan, Philippines
  • Favorite music : 90's music and acoustic
  • Favorite treat meal: Ice cream and blueberry cheesecake
  • Netflix series I last binged: The Kingdom
  • What's one thing about you that surprises people? I hate to swim at the beach ( but I love its view)
  • Favorite books: Rich Dad Poor Dad and any books about positivity
  • Favorite quote: Think less, live more.

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