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Agathe Van Ryssel
Agathe Van Ryssel
Fitness Instructor

My name is Agathe and I was born and raised in the North of France. I started my career as a professional dancer as well as dance teacher.

I received a certification in Anatomy and I specialize in adjustments,embodied movements and alignment.

With a curious mind and a deep desire to learn, I obtained my 200hrs only a few months after my first yoga class. I then became a certified yoga teacher, and I've been teaching and studying mindfulness ever since!

I recently discovered the Reform Method classes and fell in love with this safe way to build strength through movement !

I love to support, feel the energies and joy flowing, listen to the sound of the breath during the practice and, above all, to share!

  • Birthday: 28 February
  • Favorite holiday destination: Our whole world! So many countries and cultures to discover
  • Favorite music: So many…but if I have to choose one song; Non, je ne regrette rien by Édit Piaf
  • Favorite treat meal: A homemade burger…but let’s keep it secret
  • Netflix series I Iast binged: Peaky Blinders
  • What’s one thing about you that surprises people?: if I tell you, it would not be a surprise anymore! Come to discover yourself!
  • Favorite book: In love with The Untethered Soul
  • Favorite quote: Take a step back. Life gets distorted when you examine things from too close up.

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