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The importance of stretching

The importance of stretching

Nov 11, 2020

Within Reform and as instructors/fitness professionals, our mission is to educate people before, during, and after class. We want to help you achieve results that inspire you to keep going! In addition to the strength and balance you build throughout our classes, you also need to find length in your muscles to consistently achieve results. Length means to extend your boundaries, gain flexibility, and reach for a well-rounded experience. As many of us find ourselves working from home (and sitting for longer periods of time), it’s now more important than ever to make time to move our bodies, and that doesn't always mean a fully-fledged Reform class. You can, in fact, still fit movement into your daily work schedule, and if you’ve ever wondered 'is stretching exercise?' the answer is YES! Stretching benefits your balance, mobility, posture, and much more. Many people overlook the importance of stretching for overall physical health. The fact is, flexibility can help reduce injuries and provide strong well-being. Here are some examples:

Hamstring stretch: Walking, running, and sitting for long periods of time, can create tightness in your hamstrings. The tension of your hamstrings has a direct effect on your lower back.

Glute stretch: Stretching and allowing recovery of your outer thighs and glutes will prepare these muscles to stabilize your hips during your next class.

Heart opener, chest, and shoulder stretch: By stretching your chest and breathing deeply, you can unlock more capacity. This is important because, in order to achieve your best workout and train at a more intense level, you must be able to utilize efficient breathing. Incorporate this stretch daily if you spend a long time driving, sitting at a desk, or hunched over your phone.

To learn more about achieving your best workout through stretch, release, and deep relaxation, we encourage you to participate in one of our Reform Yoga classes!

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