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Adele O'Herlihy
Adele O'Herlihy
Fitness Instructor

Hi! I’m Adele. I’m from Ireland and I’ve been living in Dubai for 5 years. I took up yoga soon after moving here and instantly fell head over heels in love with it. Within 6 months I took my yoga teacher training and 6 months later I began teaching. Yoga has enhanced my life in so many ways and I am eternally grateful each and every day that I have the privilege of sharing it with others. Namaste.

  • Birthday: 5 July
  • Favorite holiday destination: So many! I adore Bali for obvious reasons.
  • Music you’ll hear in my class: Music forms such an integral part of my classes and I absolutely love finding new music & compiling playlists. At my classes at Reform Athletica you’ll hear an alternative playlist with a mix of ethnic, lounge, electronic and chill out.
  • Favorite treat meal: I am completely obsessed with açaí bowls! It’s like healthy ice-cream!
  • Netflix series I Iast binged: Hmm I’m not much of a tv watcher honestly so it takes me ages to finish a series. I really liked the Queen’s Gambit.
  • What’s one thing about you that surprises people? I guess my students might be surprised to know I’m a lawyer.
  • Favorite book: How to choose?! I absolutely love to read. The one that stands out most recently is “Breath” by James Nestor.
  • Favorite quote: From my wonderful father: “Whether you worry or not the outcome will be the same.”

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