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We all started somewhere

We all started somewhere

Aug 12, 2020

We sat with a few of our team members to chat about their fitness journeys and how Reform Athletica came into their personal stories:


Without being biased I can honestly say the Megaformer has completely changed me for the better. Also coming from a dance background I would consider myself to be generally strong and fit. Then came the Megaformer. My first encounter with the machine was one to remember (I'm sure we all remember our first class) and I truly fell in love with it. No workout has ever made me feel my abs, glutes and obliques as much as this...I truly experienced the DOMS.

Prior to being introduced to the Megaformer I had a passion for Pilates Reformer, as I appreciate the benefits of the method in terms of alignment and prevention of injuries, but on the other hand I'm a sucker for a hardcore workout and always want to leave a studio feeling the shake...well here we have the Megaformer!!! Just about the best fitness invention I have ever come across.

This was the start of my journey with Reform Athletica, coming from a high energetic barre background in terms of teaching I thrive off the energy in the room, this is why there's nothing more rewarding for me than being part of the Reform Family. I have the best of both worlds; I get to teach a high energy class with great clients, upbeat music, but with the benefits I have learnt in my past in my Pilates journey, to ensure a safe and effective workout.

I truly think it's important to believe in whichever method you teach. Due to my dance background I have suffered with many injuries due to overstretching and hyperextension. With taking classes at Reform I have never felt stronger, and I only hope all our clients feel the benefits I have felt over my time here.


From a young age, my parents had us try every kind of sport, until I discovered ballet. I attended a Performing Arts High School, continued my training in college, and post-graduation moved to NYC to try out the “starving artist” life. To support myself while auditioning and performing, I taught group fitness classes. Eventually my side job became my full-time job when I was given the opportunity to move to Dubai to help launch an NYC boutique fitness brand. While in NYC I had tried the Megaformer and had been a client of Reform Athletica since its opening. When I heard RA was looking for instructors, I was excited for the opportunity to join the team! The Megaformer is one of the toughest workouts I have done, with my leaving each class feeling satisfied and challenged. Our Reform Method brings together so many principles and techniques that are ingrained in me from my years of dance and gives the long lean yet strong results that I and most women want!


I have always been active and have always enjoyed playing sports and being outdoors, but I was never a huge fan of going to the gym. I’ve had many a gym membership in my time, but making my way around a big gym always seemed a bit of a chore to me and I struggled to find group classes that I loved.

After moving to Dubai, it took me a while to find a fitness studio that felt like home and so I gave up trying for a while. Eventually, I let a friend convince me to try out Reform Athletica and that was the start of this beautiful love story! Anyone who loves the Reform Method will hear me when I say, once you start to see and feel the results, it becomes a bit of an addiction (the healthiest kind of addiction around!). When I started out as a client, I often suffered with lower back pain and found that it became uncomfortable during the core exercises on the Megaformer. However, the Megaformer was to be my magic remedy in alleviating my lower back pain. Through the Reform Method, I was able to strengthen my core (and all my other muscles) through low impact, safe and effective movement, and I soon became the proud owner of a back-pain-free body! This machine has the power to make you feel like Superwoman.

As a certified Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer, I was so keen to expand upon my knowledge and trained to become a Megaformer coach. Now, I am thrilled to part of the Reform Athletica family. Through my journey from client to coach, I can vouch that this workout is the perfect recipe for success.


I first started coming to Reform Athletica when I was in Dubai on a sabbatical leave from work in London, exploring the possibility of becoming a fitness instructor.

I walked into Reform when the studio was only a few months old. As soon as I got onto the Megaformer and TRX, I fell in love with both disciplines and decided to go ahead with getting my PT certificate with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Once certified I went back to my hometown of London and started personal training clients on the side of my day job at a tech firm. As I had vibed so well with Roberto and Louise we kept in touch until they asked if I’d consider coming back to Dubai to work full time teaching group classes at RA.

The answer from my end was a clear “yes” and today I find myself the happiest I’ve ever been, doing what I love most; inspiring others to move to the best of their ability while unleashing their inner strength. While instructing classes I’m consistently repeating the phrase, “dig deep and find your strength” ... and people do! They leave smiling and that makes my day!


The journey to fitness first started when my father encouraged me to become more active during my university years. When I graduated and moved back home for a short while my father suggested running long distances with him which really helped motivate me, long term. We ended up travelling the world doing various running distances together and that was the start! In 2016, my father operated on both my feet as I was experiencing lots of pain and discomfort while training. Luckily, I had my surgeon – father on deck to help with that! During my year of rehabilitation, I was introduced to slower types of movements and lots of mat work focusing on strengthening my muscles and improving my overall balance. It wasn't until 2019 that I was introduced to Lagree and that changed my life! It helped strengthen my core and really improved my posture. It changed the way that I move and took my stability to the next level. Just when you think you’ve mastered a movement, there’s always another spring or another version that will challenge you!


It wasn’t an easy journey to reach a positive position in my life. Knowing that with zero training experience when I join Reform Athletica, many times I doubted myself, until finally I had the courage to let go and change my perspective in life. I think being healthy is all about taking care of yourself as a whole. Having a peaceful mind, accepting yourself and what your body can do. Being healthy isn’t just about looking good but feeling good. I’m very happy and thankful to have been given this opportunity to be with Reform Athletica Family in this fitness journey.


I’ve been part of the fitness industry for close to 5 years now, first entering the industry through Crossfit where I am Level 1 Certified. It was through looking to expand my own fitness journey into other disciplines that I came across Reform Athletica. I’ve been part of the Reform team since its early beginnings managing the front of house and teaching TRX. From my roots in Crossfit, I typically adopt some of the movement standards and workout structures into my TRX class to make it a bit different than your typical class. Teaching TRX has allowed me to connect with so many great people and support them along their fitness journey.


My fitness journey started about 6 years ago while i was still living in Switzerland I happened to discover a place that offered Pilates on the Megaformer. I was instantly hooked, and haven’t stopped since.

When I moved to Dubai I was so happy to know that RA offered the Lagree Method. I started off as a client trying out all the different classes RA offered and would do the Megaformer 3 times a week. I loved that it improved my posture and strengthened my core. I like to mix it up so I would also do TRX twice a week.

RA has given me access to all the different workouts that fit my lifestyle and has changed me mentally and physically.


Coming from a weight lifting and bodybuilding background, the Reform Method was a very new way for me to move. I had sprinkled some barre and a few other soft disciplines into my routine before, but I soon realized there was nothing soft about the Megaformer. I loved that the Reform Method challenged me to move in such a different way, and wake some muscles up that I had neglected for a while. As a complement to my high-impact and strength training routine, Reform really helped me to make sure I was hitting every point in my fitness journey and I’m grateful for what I’ve learned about myself and my abilities along the way.

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